This past week, Student Farm hosted its second annual Haunted Veg Cellar! We had a great time planning this event last year and were thrilled to bring it back and make it even spookier this year.  The location of the Vegetable Cellar allows for easy access to community members as well, as it is located behind Eisenhower Auditorium on campus. We were happy to see several community members join us, in addition to students! Members of the club dressed up in costumes and created many spooky surprises in the creepy veg cellar. Our fellow club member Tess McNamara took the lead with this exciting and festive project. As a fun and social project for the club, she said that “it was cool how the project team itself builds a little community, as it is a low-commitment project with lots of opportunities for underclassmen to get involved and to get to know the members through a different aspect the farm does for the community.”

As a festive fall event, it was a great opportunity for members to get involved with a project that got everyone spooked and excited for Halloween. The event was a great success, and we hope to continue this project in future years! Thanks everyone for making it spooky awesome!