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The Student Farm Club is a great way for Penn State students to get involved with the Sustainable Food Systems Program and the Student Farm! Established Fall 2015, Student Farm Club reaches far beyond the production field. Our club was formed to bring together anyone and everyone interested in topics related to the food system sustainability, including food insecurity, food waste, agricultural production, culinary skills and more!

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Club meetings are held on Thursdays at 6pm in 215 Armsby Building. Learn about sustainable food systems, grow fresh food for our campus community, and join a group of engaged students rallied around the local foods movement!

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Meet the Team

Jade Menow

Exec role: Executive Director

Major: Agribusiness Management 

Year: Senior

Favorite plant/vegetable: Basil

Fun Fact: I have interned on the Student Farm for 2 growing seasons!


Meg Mitchell

Exec role: Club Programming Director

Major: Immunology and Infectious Disease

Year: Junior

Favorite plant/vegetable: Corn (especially on the cob)

Fun Fact: I have been vegan for almost 3 years!


Cole Connolly

Exec role: Hydroponics Production Manager

Major: Plant Science, Genetics and Biotechnology Option

Year: Junior

Favorite plant/vegetable: Mushrooms

Fun Fact: I’m very into fitness and love skateboarding, biking, and running. I hope to run a triathalon in the future!

Sarah Bett

Exec role: 1/2 Project Team Manager

Major: Community, Environment, and Development

Year: Junior

Favorite plant/vegetable: Spaghetti Squash

Fun Fact: I once found a cannonball in my yard.


Ellen Poplavska

Exec role: 1/2 Project Team Manager

Major: Human-Centered Design and Development

Year: Sophomore

Favorite plant/vegetable: Carrots

Fun Fact: In high school I had to take a boating license test and I failed it by one question.



Claire Byrnes

Exec Role: Director of Campus Outreach

Majors: Anthropology and Geography

Year: Junior

Favorite plant/vegetable: Bell Pepper

Fun Fact: I learned how to make bread (focaccia being my favorite) this past summer! 

Lex Trevelino

Exec role: Field Production Manager

Major: Biological Engineering

Year: Senior

Favorite plant/vegetable: Zucchini

Fun Fact: As a toddler, my nickname was Farmer.



Audrey Subers

Exec Role: Secretary

Majors: Environmental Engineering

Year: Sophomore

Favorite plant/vegetable: Cauliflower 

Fun Fact: I was made in a test tube!

View our past Student Farm Club executive and intern teams here.

What Do We Do? 

Cooking Collaborative

Cooking Collaborative



Food Bank Harvest

Food Bank Harvest

Film Screenings, Food Tastings and More!

Film Screenings, Food Tastings and More!

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