Jade Menow, Student Farm Intern  

Over these past few months, the Student Farm has had such an impact on me. Being outside day in and day out and working with plants has made me a happier person and I am so glad that I have the opportunity to be part of this organization. I have learned so much about the food system, which is exactly what I wanted to get out of this experience.

The intern crew on the farm is so welcoming. They have truly represented what it looks like to be a team and work well together to get things done. I have also been taking summer classes, so I’m not on the farm all day, so it has been so helpful for me to know that when I was on the farm, I had so many people to work with and look to when I have questions.

This summer I have helped distribute produce through our Campus Supported Agriculture program. I always look forward to being there on Monday to prepare the harvest shares. Seeing how excited people get when we list off each vegetable to them makes me so enthusiastic about my role in the CSA. Engaging with community members about recipes and what they like to do with their vegetables has helped me branch out in my own cooking as well.  


Before this experience, I had so many second thoughts on my major and my minor and how they connect. After working in this food system hands-on for the first time, I am confident that this is my passion. The farm practices sustainable agriculture by rotating the vegetables throughout the beds each year, composting plants and produce, not using pesticides and distributing produce locally. Additionally, the farm strives to be sustainable in its business practices as well. The farm sells its produce to help contribute revenue back into the program, which then enables more students to gain this same experience as interns.

Overall I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience on the farm. It has given me so many skills that I will use in my life outside of the farm. This experience has also opened my eyes to what I want to do as a career after graduation. I am very thankful to Leslie for giving me this opportunity and allowing me to be an asset to the Student Farm this summer.