Canstruction® was founded in 1992 by a group of New York architects and engineers who wanted to combine their love of creativity, innovation, and building with hunger relief. This charity art exhibition has grown in unbelievable ways and is now represented in schools and communities across the country. These events have helped collect and donate over 50 million pounds of food in total as every item of the structures made entirely from cans are donated to local food banks at the end of each event.

Our event will highlight the creative structures of Penn State Global Brigades, The Lion’s Pantry Club, Eco Action and Project Cahir. The structures will be judged by Penn State faculty and administration and the best structure will win a prize! Students, staff, and community members can participate in the People’s Choice portion of judging by bringing a canned item and placing it in a box in front of their favorite structure.

The event will also provide information about each of the clubs involved as well as information on food insecurity and ways to get involved with this important discussion. Check out for a taste of what is coming to our campus!

We Are…Grateful for the opportunity to bring an exciting Canstruction® event to our campus and can’t wait to see you there!