We are excited to partner with Shaver’s Creek for a Native Plants sale. Join us on Saturday April 27 beginning at 10am, at Shaver’s Creek Environmental Center. Native plants are perfect for home gardeners and plant enthusiasts. The sale starts at 10 am on Saturday, and will continue throughout the week during Shaver’s Creek’s regular hours, for as long as plants last.

Plants will also be available for purchase at the Student Farm Club annual plant sale on Friday April 26 from 10am-5pm in Headhouse II on Penn State’s campus.

Native plants not only look beautiful in your garden, but they provide food and habitat for native insects. Plus, these are all perennial varieties so they’ll keep coming back year after year!
We will be offering 7 different species:
Aquilegia canadensis; wild columbine
Chelone glabra; turtlehead
Heliopsis helianthoides; smooth oxeye
Heuchera americana; “Dale’s strain”; coral bells
Lobelia cardinalis; cardinal flower
Monarda didyma; bee balm
Tiarella cordifolia; “oakleaf”; foamflower
Penn State student Deanna Homan, a plant science major, researched and raised the native plants as part of an Independent Study with the Sustainable Food Systems Program. Great job Deanna!