Support the Student Farm!

There are many of ways to get involved and to support the Student Farm at Penn State, and we encourage you to join us in whatever capacities interest you most. If you would like to support the Student Farm financially, we happily accept and greatly appreciate your donations.

Donating to the Student Farm enables us to grow our operation, provide a unique array of programs to our campus and State College community members, and offset the costs of materials and supplies. Most importantly, supporting the Student Farm enables us to provide students with unique and unparalleled opportunities to enhance their Penn State education. The Student Farm engages students from across the University through course projects and class field trips, by inviting students to develop and lead their own research initiatives, and by providing paid and for-credit internships centered on production, marketing, outreach, and communications activities that are all essential to the success of the Farm.

When you support the Student Farm, you are making the commitment to directly enhance the academic and professional experiences of countless Penn State students.

We thank you for your support, and encourage you to get involved!